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The roots of all evil

Posted on: December 31, 2010 3:04 am
Lately I have been reading a number of knocks on my beloved Seahawks.. and a number of fanatical well wishers hoping we make the play-offs..

My thought is simple even as a Seahawks fan- we don't deserve to make the play-offs.

Our team has struggled the second half of the year, with the same problem we have had for around 4 years now: Injury
Why does an NFL team get hammered day in and out with these injuries putting stars on the blocks? Well some injuries are unavoidable. Others- strains, sprains, soreness.. I don't know about the rest of you but as a fat man I experience these constantly- why? Because I am out of shape.   So we come out on fire and slowly grind to a nasty halt filled with minor and major injuries huffing players coming off the field and disgusting 2nd half displays blowing leads a la Atlanta Falcons game. I look at the Chiefs. Lowly former rival in the old AFC west days and now the local TV team as I moved near Kansas City. Todd Haley for as little a I think about him has a grueling conditioning regimen he puts his players through. Last year they where resentful. This year they are successful. At 10-5, leading their division, and successful running the ball with toughness behind a line that was terrible last year, they show what can be done.

So- why as Seahawks fans hasn't this been brought up as a concern? Perhaps Pistol Pete needs to come out in a totaltarian way and force the issue. I would LOVE to see a year in which our team stays intact. We where called over-achievers in the beginning; Why? Because we won- and our Defense played healthy and heartily. Then they wore out- got hurt and sputtered miserably.

So this seems like an elementary way to get started on the right path, but what we have lost in the years following Superbowl XL was our drive and culture of winning. We blame it on the high dollar players because they are obvious targets. We blame injuries as a whole. We blame a lot of things. Would good strength training and technique training have kept Russel Okung on the field more this season? Possibly. Sure would have kept a lt of players with minimal injuries going at 100% and possibly instilled a toughness. Heck, my son's peewee team (3rd grade tackle football) focuses at least an hour of each practice to running and conditioning as to not be the team sucking wind and chasing in the 4th quarter. I guess you don't have to worry about the small things when your making millions of dollars a year- you gotta make sure you have time and energy to spend that cash.
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